Your Initial Appointment can be booked as either 45 or 60 minutes.  This appointment will include an interview, assessment, and treatment.  The cost of your subsequent treatments will vary on the length of your session.

  • 30 minutes – $62
  • 45 minutes – $95
  • 60 minutes – $110
  • 90 minutes – $170

If you have an Extended Health Plan, you may be able to get reimbursed for your massage therapy treatments.  As each plan is different, we recommend that you check with your plan for details on your coverage.


Premium assistance patients are entitled to 10 visits per calendar year that are partially covered by the Medical Services Plan.  These visits are combined with your visits to a chiropractor, physiotherapist, naturopath and podiatrist.  We will need your Care Card number to confirm coverage.

Initial Visit
(45 minute appointment) – $72

Subsequent Visit fees are based on the length of your appointment.

  • 30 minutes – $39
  • 45 minutes – $72
  • 60 minutes – $87


ICBC will pay for 12 treatments within 12 weeks of the accident causing injury.  You will need to provide your claim number and adjuster’s name and phone number.

Initial Visit

An initial 60 minute appointment is covered at no cost to you.

Subsequent Visits

Your 11 subsequent visit fees are based on the length of your appointment.

  • 45 minutes – No fee
  • 60 minutes – $15

*ICBC will not pay for no-show appointments*


With a doctor’s referral there is no cost to RCMP members for massage therapy. There is a combined maximum allowance of $4,800 per calendar year for the services of an acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and physiotherapist.

With a doctor’s referral there is no cost to DVA members for massage therapy. Members are entitled to 15 – 60 min appointments per calendar year.



  • 60 minutes – $130
  • 1 hour 15 minutes – $170
  • 1 hour 30 minutes – $190


  • Initial Visit – $70
  • Subsequent Visit – $50
  • MSP – $30
  • ICBC – $35

All rates include GST and are subject to change without notice.
We accept cash, cheque and Interac.


Your appointment has been reserved for you. In courtesy of your therapist and fellow patients, we ask that you provide 24 hours notice of cancellation or a cancellation fee will be charged.  Appointments that are cancelled without appropriate notice will be subject to the full cost of your treatment.

Please click here to book your massage therapy appointment online.

Please call (604)293-7717 to book your chiropractic appointment.